The Reason Behind the Madness

These past few days I’ve been very clearly reminded just how much computer hardware I’ve collected over the years. Since we picked up a HDTV, it seemed only logical that we should convert one of our desktops to a home theatre PC. For now it’s a pretty hastily slapped together job. I intend to get a dedicated HTPC case, one of those that actually looks like a piece of A/V equipment. But for now, it’ll just be in a tower to the side. Anyways, we had to switch cases and some other bit of hardware, which required me to reformat both desktops. Of course the newly acquired external hard drive helped immensely. It was always so annoying to burn DVD backups whenever we reformatted, but with the external hard drive, it’s just a matter of drap and dropping and then copying them all back when you’re done. I’m basically done of installing all the software on the computers already and we just set the TV stand up so the TV’ll go up soonish. I have to say, even with my love of computers, I had probably over done it a little in the past buying computer hardware. When I had all the guts of the computers splayed out on the floor, it was quite the sight. Let me introduce you to the desktop hardware I’ve acquired over the past couple years (yeah, only the last couple, if I had all the hardware from when I first got into computers, there’d be a lot more…)

The hardware I've collected...

So starting from the bottom and working my way around to the top, we’ve got: ATi TV Wonder Pro, Radeon X800XT PE, Radeon 9800 Pro, Antec PLUS1060, Antec Sonata,  a floppy :), ASUS P4P800-E Deluxe, Pentium4 2.4C, 2x256MB OCZ PC4000 RAM, WD 40GB HD, WD 160GB HD, DFI nF3 250GB, Athlon64 3000+, 2x512MB PC3200 RAM, Sony 52x32x52 CD-RW, LG 32x10x40 CD-RW, Sony 8X DVD+-RW, Benq 16X DVD+-RW. Out of the picture there’s also a Chaintech AV710 7.1 sound card, a 120GB Maxtor HD and a WD 80GB HD.

Even just writing that makes me feel pretty pathetic that I’ve spent so much time and money on computers… It had better take me places. But anyways, these past few days I’ve been in touch with more computer hardware than I’ve been. It was pretty tedious formatting and installing two computers at essentially the same time. It didn’t help that I only have 1 LCD there to work with so I had to constantly switch monitors.

Anyways I thought I’d also share a picture of the conditions I’m working under. Where am I sitting while I write up this blog post or do work on this site? Well now you shall know.

My workspace

 Click it for a bigger picture if you feel like it. I don’t know if I’ve told anyone this, but that was kind of my plan all along when I first discovered this interesting feature of the new house. There’s a ‘balcony’ type thing that overhangs a portion of the house. To the right of the photo which you can’t see, it’s entirely open to the rest of the house. There’s no wall there. It’s a very cozy and secluded place in the house and that’s where I’m sitting right now. Just imagine me hunched over the laptop sitting in that chair and you’ve got a pretty good idea what I look like. The table’s a mess, but it makes me feel like I’m doing something. 🙂

Alright it’s time I think to go finish setting up the TV then the computer with it. I can’t wait to play some America’s Army or even better Rome Total War on a 50" HDTV. Yum.


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