The Pre-Exam Post

This semester has absolutely flown by. This upcoming Wednesday is the last day of lectures, and a bit more than a week after that, my final exams begin. The endless labs and big operating system project contributed to the time I can’t really account for. But either way, I’ll soon be out of Waterloo  for the work semester. Speaking of which, I’ve yet to find a place to live in Toronto. I really need to start searching, lest I end up living in a box…

So what have I been doing the past little while? Well, for starters I’ve begun studying for exams. I want to continue the good performance from midterms (ECE 332 aside) on through to the finals. I’ve also had the dubious opportunity to spend a ton of time with Rogers, trying to get a replacement for my iPhone. After calling customer care and tech support 3 times and visiting the physical store twice (one party would point me to the other for the replacement), I was finally shipped a replacement. The unfortunate thing is, there’s a bulge in the casing along the right side of the replacement phone, but it’s relatively minor so I’m not sure if I’m willing to put in the time and effort again. Perhaps I’ll go directly to an Apple store as I’ve heard that route is significantly less painful. That does require that I go into Toronto, but perhaps I’ll do that when I go scope out some living arrangments.

I also attended a class party this past Friday. While I initially cringed at the thought of getting together with the same people I see almost every single day, it turned out to be a lot of fun. I think the general consensus is that we need to have more of these class get togethers, to build a sense of community and comraderie in the class.

I’m really looking foward to the next semester. The work should be interesting and I have a couple projects I’ll be involved in on the side. These final exams are the last hurdle to relative freedom, and so this place might be pretty quiet over the next little while.


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