The Notebook (not really)

I’ve been making it a sort of habit to write in a notebook during the bus rides to and from home (UWaterloo – Niagara Falls I mean). Here’s what I got down for this evening.

I grabbed a notebook to write in for the bus trip home and I didn’t realize it wasn’t empty. The first two pages were filled with a lits of school supplies for what must be like grade 7. The printing is impeccable, very carefully made letters, especially compared to what this is looking like right now, half because of the slightly bumpy nature of all road vehicles. It’s funny to look back on how dutiful I was for school even back then. I’m almost positive I got each and every item listed there, everything from feuilles mobiles to pencil crayons to one small stapler and staples. Those were the simple days when we compared how many crayons were in OUR box.

The bus. Well, I took the slightly later, non-express bus. It takes about 45 minutes longer than the express one. But keep in mind, that’s 45 minutes on top of what should in reality be only an hour and a half’s worth drive. It’s because this bus winds its way through Cambridge, Dundas and whatever other places are between Kitchener and St. Catherines. So while I left that Kitchener terminal at around 6:30pm, I’m not going to get home until after 9:00pm. All this in the name of work. I didn’t want to leave work early again, like last week.

Speaking of work, I’ve decided that I definitely prefer having too much work over having too little. Too little and there’s the danger of falling asleep on the job. Sometimes I drift into this semi-conscious state accidentally and I come to usually clicking random buttons and opening random programs. I got swamped with work yesterday but it was awesome getting it all done and working with new people around the office. So what did I do yesterday?

I worked on a major issue for one of our customers, AOL US. You know, a pretty big company still, although I was never a big fan of all those TRY OUR SERVICE CDs that we used to get in the mail. I got that out of the way and continued working on our Windows Vista machine. Windows Vista is the upcoming operating system from Microsoft. For a techie like me, it’s always exciting to play with new stuff like that, especially when it’s a beta. I’m dedicating a separate article on that to be posted up a bit later. It definitely requires it. To finish that day off, I helped get a piece of collaboration software approved for use in our QA department. We had a meeting to discuss the merits and possible downfalls of using it and convinced them that it would be beneficial in the long term. I had recognized the need for something to better organize ourselves, especially after one of our team members came down with mono and went out sick. (I still don’t really know what he was working on or had worked on…) After testing out a few candidates, we settled on a stripped down version of eGroupWare. We set up a GUI-less linux server to run it on. Nothing says geeky quite like a command line install of linux.

Yep lots of work for one day, but I not only enjoyed getting it all done, but I learned quite a bit in the process.

Just left the Ainslie terminal in Cambridge. Home: ETA 2 hours.


2 Replies to “The Notebook (not really)”

    (so I can say how much Tiger is better, and how Leopard will blow it away – muahahah)

    I always thought everyone, everywhere, should band together and decide to mail their AOL CD’s to the CEO and see how he likes getting them.

  2. I have cultured somewhat of a notebook obsession. I have…wait lemme count…5 separate notebooks. 1. for writing literary things that I think of. The best topics/stories come at really random times. 2. For writing down melodic/harmonic ideas. Yes I have a music staff notebook πŸ˜€ 3. Two timetable notebooks…there just isn’t enough room in one. 4. One for philosophical ideas/questions that pop into my head on a long bus ride. 5. And one for writing upcoming posts and book reviews in.

    πŸ˜€ Wow I just realized that I am quite a bit like a turtle. I truly do live with my kitbag on.

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