The Long Commute

I’m preparing for the start of my 5th of 6 work terms on September 2. I took a trip into Toronto today to finalize some arrangements and acquire an ISIC card for student discounts on VIA Rail tickets. With a couple housing options falling through last minute, I’ve decided to commute to work, at least for the first little while. It shouldn’t be nearly as tiring as what some do – drive hours in stop-and-go traffic to work – but will still mean a lot of time on the road (or rails as it were) nonetheless.

Unfortunately, the laptop I was planning to use to help pass the time in a somewhat productive way is dead. With no indication of when it will be fixed or replaced, I purchased a netbook, the Acer Aspire One. With its smaller size, it might be better suited for the very mobile use I envision. As for the machine itself, it seems to be quite decent, but I’ve only spent a few hours on it thus far. The entire review will come in time, but I can already tell you that the bilingual keyboard is wrecking havoc on my typing, although the keys are significantly larger than say, oh, the Eee 901 and lower. I just can’t get a break can I?

As for the job, I’m slightly apprehensive about it and what it entails. While I’ve done my fair share of programming and development in an industry setting at Sybase, this will be my first purely development-oriented employment. I’ve always been very interested in the web development space, which is exactly what this job is, but there’s a very clear difference between a hobby and a job. I’ll soon see what taking my interest to the next level means, and I’ll know whether I really like web development or just prefer dabbling.

Mix a little apprehension and some big city excitement (yeah, don’t I sound like a small-town kid?) and I should get a pretty interesting experience one way or another come September. The first step is to see whether I can survive the commute, even if it requires little to no effort on my part.


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  1. Wow, and I thought my 50 minute commute to work at the moment is rough. Lucky for me, I am going to move on Tuesday, so everything should be better then. Good luck with the housing search!

  2. The commute’s about 2 hours each way, but with the drive to the train station and the walk from Union to work, it works out to around 5 and a half hours each day on the road.

    Fortunately, I’m taking a look at some places tomorrow, but gosh are they ever expensive.

  3. well this is a common problem these days. The places within the city or near to the offices or downtown are way to expensive for anyone. I live at around 7 miles from the main city and to get to the office on time I have to leave 45 mins early.

    With so many traffic signals and hold ups it really gets on your nerves.

    I hope things get better soon on my side or I might have to go for an expensive place that I really can’t afford really.


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