The Journey and Passion

Perhaps it’s because I’m still (relatively) young, but I’ve found my life’s interests changing every couple years. When I saw the ‘Blog Your Passion’ challenge over at Lorelle on WordPress, I knew it was something I wanted to write to, but wasn’t certain how to go about it. They say procrastination never pays, but what would you know, a week later, the challenge was ‘Blog Path Redirection’. What better way to address the matter than to combine the two topics into a single post, and give you an inside look on what has driven the contents of this blog for the past two-plus years it’s been in existence.

And what other way would be natural? I started a blog at Blogger in May of 2005 out of peer pressure from some friends. At the time, I was finishing up my high school years, about to leave my home permanently for university in a foreign province. It was a time of great change in my life and I thought it would be useful to be able to look back, from sometime in the future, and see what life was like. My posts were quite personal and were more like a private journal than anything. I shared it with close friends and wrote about my day-to-day activities though the busy final months of high school. A group of my friends were heading off to exchanges around the world and we decided that blogging would be a spectacular way of not only keeping in touch, but also to share experiences from our journeys.

University of Waterloo gave me plenty of things to write about, especially comforting was to have an outlet for my frustrations, mostly revolving around the level of work required, compared to high school, to excel. I also discovered how much I enjoyed writing and using the blog as a creative outlet. Creative writing did not exactly have a place in our engineering courses. It was around this time that I moved from my blog at Blogger to a self-hosted install of WordPress.

It was during my first year at university that I became extremely interested in web development. During my first co-op semester, I started creating templates for WordPress both to help out the community and as a learning process for PHP, HTML, and CSS. My first ‘design’ was a slight modification of the default Kubrick template. As you can see by the current design, I’ve come a ways since. Even now, I love web development. I constantly work to improve the design of this site and more recently have been working as the designer for a web application that’s in development.

Somewhere along the way, this blog took on a decidedly technology-related slant. I’m sure my major, computer engineering, had nothing to do with it. 😉 Ever since building my first computer 5 or 6 six years ago, I’ve loved working with technology. It constitutes probably 80% of my daily readings on the web. It’s only natural that it’s reflected in what I write as well. More recently, I’ve developed a hankering for gadgets like cell phones, computer peripherals and the like. It’s a curse really.

In this past year, I’ve been contemplating some change the direction of my education. Technology is something I love, but becoming a code monkey through the Computer Engineering program is absolutely not what I want. That’s why I’ve been taking more business-related co-op positions. The financial markets have interested me ever since my dad started discussing stocks with me, right around the dot com bubble. Since then, I’ve dabbled in some investing and try out different strategies through online stock simulations. That interest has seeped into my day-to-day activities as well, where I find myself analyzing many interesting situations from a financial point of view.

My passions have varied throughout the years of this blog, and despite the turns through personal, web design, business and technology topics in the history of this blog, the predominant theme has been where life has taken me. It’s like a constantly updated time capsule. As enjoyable as it is to write on this blog, I can only imagine how priceless it’s going to be 50 years old and have the ability to look back with such intimate detail on my earlier years.


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  1. Sometimes, your purpose and passion for blogging is preservation, especially your own history. A journal or diary has long been the most magical find for archaeologists and anthropologists to help them learn more about how our ancestors lived.

    Maybe you are creating a journal that will answer the great questions our descendants will have about how we live today. 😀

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