The Internet Made Me Materialistic

The Internet has enabled so many things and at the same time has brought out some qualities in me I’m not so proud of. The quality I’m talking about specifically is materialism and I have consciously noted an increased importance I’ve placed on material belongings in recent years.

I think I may have always had an interest in technology and gadgets, but the Internet really opened up a whole new playing field. Before I started reading a lot on the web, my only connection with all these products was to go to Futureshop and peruse the aisles. Aside from a few sometimes annoying sales reps, I didn’t feel any pressure to buy. However, with all these communities and forums on the Internet, I’ve found myself sucked into some perverse form of competition – who has more. Let me put this into perspective; in the past several months, I’ve had on my buying list: Sony T100 digital camera, 24″ LCD, new laptop (… the M1330 as it turns out), hard drive, and a mid-to-high end DX10 video card. It’s more sickening when I already own items that satisfy the functionality in some way, shape or form – Canon SD200, 20″ LCD not even a year old, a 2 year old laptop, 500GB+ worth of hard drives, and a 7900GTO not quite a year old.

It’s not a direct competition that I engage in. We don’t list out every piece of technology we own. But indirectly, we’re all competing. People post great deals they got or perhaps a new gadget they saw at the local tech shop. Whatever the case may be, something you weren’t even thinking of before, you all of a sudden just need it. It’s a destructive habit, not only on the wallet, but also on a personality. I really shouldn’t be comparing myself to others in monetary or materialistic values. There are values that are much more important that cannot be purchased with any amount of money.

They say the first step to solving a personal problem is to recognize and admit you have one – well, I’ll consider this my confession.


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