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  1. Just looking up the results now. Didn’t feel like staying up till 3 in the morning or later here to wait for them last night:P

    Oh my…how do you say it’s time for a new candidate. Two minority governments in a row. I think that’s a pretty loud shout saying something along the lines of “All the candidates suck, give us someone new!!!!” This is gonna be interesting…

  2. Gaaah, I can’t stand Stephan Harper. Seriously!
    To make me feel better, I like to think of the NDP as being the real party in power, not the PC. Think about, whenever there’s a vote, the NDP gets to decide what happens. They chose to side with either the Libs or the PC, and thus decide the outcome of every vote they go through.

  3. Not quite true Rene. The NDP didn’t win enough seats do site with either side and provide them a majority. The Bloc on the other hand….

    And Nick, is it that we want something new or the country’s too divided? There’s a pretty clear line drawn between East and West here. The Conservatives are especially strong in the west and to see the newspapers with the map of the GTA covered (almost) completely in red makes me think it’s not that people don’t know what they want.

  4. Minority governments aren’t all bad. In fact the probably keep the larger parties honest. The main problem in this case is most of the people sitting in parliament at the moment (regardless of party) are all the same – there is very little difference among any of them. Get a good proportional representation system in place and you might see some of the smaller parties (like the Greens and others) getting into parliament because people will know that their votes actually count. That’s when a minority government will actually work and government will be much more representative. And I agree….Stephen Harper is rather frightening.

  5. It kills me to see the Green Party get slightly over 5% of the votes… yet 0 seats. All the other parties have their typical strongholds where their votes are concentrated. Like look at Toronto…

    I’m thinking this government’s gonna disintegrate relatively soon. Since the NDP didn’t get enough votes to make a majority possible with either the Conservatives or Liberals.

    And who wants to work with the Bloc. Seriously. 😛

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