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A guy, whom I’d not seen since first year, gave a talk today in my Entrepreneurship class about the company he started a year ago. He’s my age and already off doing great things with kik. It was an inspirational talk, and got me thinking about my life goals.

I think this ties back to my rant/rambling on New Years Day 2010. I have this begrudging sense of dissatisfaction. I feel like I’m taking the easy way, the boring way out by accepting a full time position after graduation. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed my time at Microsoft last semester and it is a fantastic place to work. But perhaps that’s the issue? It’s just a job? It’s not living life (however you want to determine what that really means) and doing something I’m super passionate about.

I grew up being at the top of my class, and while there was a setback at the beginning of my university career, I regained the top spot again this past semester. Being the best I can be is a great goal, but there’s also a part of me that simply wants to be the best, full stop. Sounds ultra jealous and perhaps selfish, but I’m competitive. There’s no reason to deny that. It’s part of what defines me and drives me to overcome challenges I’ve faced throughout my life. But there’s always someone better. The other day, I was reading Wikipedia articles on the Ivy League schools and their prestigious alumni. Glancing at the University of Waterloo page only made me feel small, insignificant.

I need to find my own direction. I need to make the best of my situation. Enough with reading about others’ successes. There comes a time when one needs to find their own success and be the best in some other way. All I’ve done is try to emulate others, but that needs to stop. Time to drive.


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  1. It is certainly an easier way, but I wouldn’t say it’s the easy way out necessarily. So long as you love what you’re doing and it challenges you, then I see nothing wrong with taking a full-time job after graduation. That’s what I’m doing myself. Some people much prefer to be their own boss and that’s who the entrepreneurship path is for. And just because you take this path now, doesn’t prevent you from going down that path later. If you’re good at photography, maybe you could start a hobby photography business and get a bit of cash for that on the side of working! It isn’t just about what you do from 9-5 – there is a lot of other time in the week as well.

  2. I know what you mean Charlie. I was hoping that by this time I would already have a grasp at what I want to do after graduation. Facing full time employment almost feels like a retirement plan… I was hoping I could burn my youth on some risky career decisions.

  3. It’s the glamour and glitz of entrepreneurship, or being one’s own boss that’s attractive. Of course, having a stable source of income is also a nice to have. We’ll see if I can’t do a bit of both, as you mention Tara.

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