The Alphabet of Manliness

I came back home to Niagara Falls today from Waterloo and saw the package sent to me from some close friends back on PEI. Inside was a book. It wasn’t just any book mind you. It’s the book of Maddox. The Alphabet of Manliness. Maddox holds a special place in my heart. It feels just like yesterday that I was laughing my ass off over at Nick’s place reading Maddox’s latest post. It reminds of days gone by, days that I still cherish.

I’d just like to say thanks for sending the book along with the letters. You know I’ll be thinking of you anytime I see this book or anything regarding Maddox. Good times.

P.S. I can so see you, Rene, smirking as you wrote that extensive and thoughtful letter. 😉


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