Template Masher

You may or may not have know this, but I do a lot of template work with WordPress. I’m sure you’d be surprised and saddened by the amount of time I’ve spent getting these templates to look right in more than one browser (IE still annoys me to this day). Since this blog’s already up on the net, but merely missing a link to it, I’ve decided to actually publish the link so that you can get a look at the horrendous monstrosities that are my templates before they reach publishable quality. Be warned, they may be times when you’re on this blog and it totally gets wrecked. Don’t worry, that’s just me at work. 🙂

I’m also doing this so I can write down all the changes I’ve tried to different templates. This way I can sort of keep track of what I’ve done, what has worked and what has gone horribly wrong. Additionally, perhaps it’ll be a resource to other template mashers such as myself. Eventually, I may put up a few templates for download if I ever manage to create any worthy of that status.

This is even better than beta stuff. This is like pre-alpha work. Beware!


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