Telus and Bell Sitting in a Tree

A move to GSM for the Telus and Bell cellular networks has been rumoured many times over the years, but the latest article from the Financial Post seems to be a bit more concrete than usual. According to the FP, Bell and Telus will announce a partnership to develop a 3G GSM network this week, dumping $1 billion over the next year to build it out. It’ll be a bold move on their parts, but one I think will benefit Telus especially. Even with the current CDMA network, Telus has been doing very well, adding a record number of subscribers in the most recent quarter. Just imagine what that will turn into with a more ‘open’ network and a wider selection of devices.

In my case, any more competition for Rogers is a good thing. They could certainly learn something from Telus’ great customer service. There’s nothing quite like waiting on hold for 45 minutes only to find out you were transferred to the wrong department…


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  1. The most I have ever had to wait with Telus was 2-3 minutes. Also, to top it off, I recently added a new line to my account (sister’s). I told them to place my line on vacation status from September 1st, since I won’t be in the country. They accidentally put both the lines on vacation. I got my parents to call, and they reactivated my sister’s line. Also, for my inconvenience, they credited $20 to my account, which neither me nor my parents asked for.

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