Technological Headaches

I ran into so many tech problems over this past week, it’s been mind boggling. First off, the iPod is finally going to be put to rest. It’s crashed one too many times so I think the Yorkdale Mall store’s going to get a visit from me this weekend. One of the main reasons I bought an iPod was because I thought it was just going to work, as opposed to the Zen Micro I had from awhile ago. Apparently, my troubles can follow me no matter what I get.

A friend had outrun is allocated bandwidth for the week so I decided to open up an ad hoc wireless network so he could share my internet bandwidth and do anything at more than 1KB/s… Well, that failed horribly somehow. I had no clue why we were having so many problems with it. Then when I came back home, I couldn’t connect to my wireless no matter how hard I tried. Well, that was my stupidity. I hadn’t been home in so many weeks that I memorized the security key for the access point incorrectly. As a result, I sat there scratching my head for a good 30 minutes trying to figure out why I could connect to all my neighbors’ networks but not my own. 🙂

I was also greeted by a computer that wasn’t getting past the POST (not even reaching even the BIOS) with the pretty clear error of “System failed CPU test” screeching from the speakers. So I did the regular procedure of resuscitating a problematic computer: 1. Reset the CMOS, 2. Take out the battery, 3. Unplug unnecessary components, 4. Panic. So at this point, I knew I had more than just a superficial problem. I decided to reseat all the components. That didn’t help, the “System failed CPU test” continued to blare. So, the only other thing to do was to take out the CPU and reinstall it. Maybe something wasn’t making proper contact. Nothing looked burnt and no weird smells emanated from the computer, so that was a good sign. Reinstalling the CPU also didn’t work. Uh oh. Well, I don’t have another CPU or motherboard to test with so I’m not sure if the motherboard or CPU is gone. Either way, the system’s non-functional. Ahhh, I guess it’s time for some new computer parts.

So I’ve been searching around today for some new components that will allow me to use my video card and RAM. I think I’ve settled on an Athlon64 X2 3800+ and an ASRock board that has both PCI-e and AGP slots. This way, the X800XT PE can stay for now but I also get the ability to upgrade to a PCI-e video card if the need arises down the road. So tomorrow when I go to Toronto, I should be able to get a bunch of new hardware. New computer hardware smell here I come.

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  1. I find it incredibly ironic that I, the Apple fanboy, have never had a single iPod problem. But then you, who was incredibly hesitant to get an iPod, have had so many problems with it. Maybe it knows that you were anti-iPod for a while and is seeking revenge?

  2. Trust me, all these problems don’t reflect well on the iPod, when I already have a hard time stomaching the fact that I have one. I went to the Apple store today though. I’ll write about that in a bit.

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