Taking a break from UT2004

I’ve been playing quite a lot of CTF in UT2004 recently. I used to play only Bombing Run, but with the community on the decline, I’ve found myself integrating into the CTF community. I’ve found it quite enjoyable up until the last couple days when I ran into some problems with a member of the clan that hosts the servers I play on. Long story short, I was kicked from the game and threatened with a ban for something I completely disagree with. Attempting diplomacy (as in talking about the issue) only seemed to fuel the fire. Let’s just say the other guy played loose and fast, shooting his mouth off at me – calling me names, cursing, and threatening me with a permanent ban.

The reason? Apparently I was camping and ‘spawn-raping’ him. Well whatever the hell that means. If shooting someone on the way to the flag constitutes camping of some sort, then color me guilty. But I’d disagree and with the sort of sportsmanship he demonstrated, I was put off to say the least. Attempting to find support on his clan forum led me nowhere (now that I think about it, what did I should I have expected eh?). Apparently I was in the wrong for complaining about being kicked from the server and subsequently being told-off when I tried to convey my point of view. They pointed out how badly I outplayed my opponent (apparently a match that is one-sided is pointless – even if it’s a 1 on 1) but didn’t have any problem overlooking the chat logs, where it would have clearly showed his threats and insults to my cool-headed debate.

Yeah, the little shits are quick to insult and abuse their powers in a game when things aren’t going well for them. Too bad (and fortunately for the rest of us) they don’t have admin privileges in the real life server. It looks like I’ll be taking a break until Unreal Tournament 3 comes out and the community revives itself. Perhaps I’ll waste less time this way.


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