Take Flight

I haven’t had much time to post anything here due to terrible work-life balance as of late. For now, here’s a photo from the large backlog that I was finally able to process tonight.

Take flight

This was at Gas Works Park in Seattle a few weeks ago, when the weather was still passable. As I walked out into the park from the parking lot, the sun shone into my eyes, and I saw this man with the yellow kite surveying the scene, silhouetted against the Seattle skyline. Clearly, the result here is due to lots of help from Photoshop, but in my mind’s eye, this is how I saw the image as I was taking it.


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  1. Sure, although the color version isn’t as interesting, in my opinion.

    I’m in Seattle until December 18th, although there’s a good chance I’ll be back after my last semester of school. Weather’s gone to crap in the region, so it’s been heads down in work for the past bit.

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