Hemmed Without The AJAX

Well, it seems like there have been quite a few problems with the Live Commenting and LiveSearch used in the Hemmed theme. As a result, I’ve decided to release a new revision of the theme with those features removed. I know I helped a couple people with manually removing it from the theme, but I think this’ll save both you and myself quite a bit of time. So for all of you who have been having problems with the AJAX/browser incompatibilities, try this new version out.


Update: It seems like some people are just seeing this post when they come to this site for the Hemmed theme and miss some of the more important info that should be ingested along with the theme. As a result, I’ll point you in the direction of the original post that contains all of the details that you should know before using this theme. Go have a gander here. Thanks.

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Update April 2, 2006: Added support for widgets as well as fixed a few visual issues.

Wow, I’m on quite a roll, this being my second theme in two days. It’s called Altitude if you hadn’t picked that up from the title. 😉 It’s a ‘chilly’ feeling theme with lots of light blues and whites. It’s again quite relaxed as that’s what I sort of aim for in most of the themes I’ve created so far.

Altitude theme

It’s once again optimized for 800×600 screens and is two columns. There’s support for ELA, a theme switcher and recent comments as per usual. The demo can be found here. Use one of the following links to download to your heart’s content. Added support for WordPress widgets as well. (Apr 2, 2006)


Enjoy responsibly. 😉

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