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Oh Goody

I’ve now fallen prey to the Rhinovirus (or in the words of House, a cold) for the second time in just about as many months. I really think that says something about how well I take care of myself. I used to get sick maybe once a year; now it seems like I can go a couple months without getting the sniffles and a fever. And yes, this act in itself is probably to blame; I’m sick and yet I’m sitting here typing away when I should be resting.

Oh well. Just my luck too; I get sick just in time for the weekend… And I have PDEng to do and a presentation next week at work. Blah.

Too Much Mediocrity

I shall warn all you readers right now. This will be a random and incoherent post. With that aside…

First off, to address the title of this update. Why is it that everyone seems to be content with so-so, doing things to a mediocre state? Why don’t people want to do more, do things better? I’m not trying to say I’m good at everything. Hardly. But I definitely do try my best. It’s probably the fact that people just don’t care. Well, if everyone did something they actually liked, I think it’d be different. Unfortunately, that’s not the way this world works. It truly is unfortunate…

Why does Rogers lick nuts? I’m not saying this only because I work for Bell currently. Sure, that could be part of it, but seriously, getting Rogers High Speed was one of my worst decisions in a long time. Absolutely TERRIBLE upload speeds and they cap traffic from stuff like BT, etc. That’s not to mention the terrible download speeds as well. I paid for 5mb/s downlink high speed. I did not pay $44/month for 2mb/s downlink. Give me my goddamned bandwidth kthxbye. I guess I’ve been spoiled with my upwards of 10mb/s Cogeco connection back in Niagara Falls, but really, this is a little too horrible for what I’m paying. I’ll have to give Rogers a ring and share my mind.

You’d think that all things technology would decrease in price as time goes by right? Wrong. I think RAM is one of the only parts of a computer that’s heavily commoditized. That means it doesn’t just generally trend downwards. It’s heavily influenced by supply and demand and the prices customers (me) pay can vary quite wildly over a short time frame. Take for example, well, right now. RAM prices are sky high. Towards the end of last month (August) when I started budgeting parts for a new computer, 2x1GB DDR2 800 was going to cost $200 give or take $20. Now that exact same model of RAM is pushing $300. Yes, that’s right. One month and a full 50% higher prices. Now the question is, where does RAM prices go from here? I hardly want to shell out $300 only to have it drop back down in a couple weeks. On the other hand, it could rise even further. Decisions, decisions.

I’ll end it off with some comments about the new John Mayer album, Continuum. At first I wasn’t terribly impressed by it, but after listening to it over the past week or so, it’s really growing on me. Generally, his lyrics are quite a bit more mature. This is exemplified by my favorite song (mmmm, I’ll regret saying that) from this album: Belief. I’ll indulge you with the lyrics. I’d suggest go getting the album if you enjoyed his previous stuff.

“Belief” – John Mayer

Is there anyone who ever remembers
changing their mind from the paint on a sign?,
is there anyone who really recalls
ever breaking rank at all
for something someone yelled real loud one time?
oh, everyone believes
in how they think it oughta be
oh, everyone believes
and they’re not going easily

Belief is a beautiful armor
but makes for the heaviest sword
like punching underwater
you never can hit who you’re trying for
some need the exhibition
and some have to know they tried
it’s the chemical weapon
for the war that’s raging on inside
oh, everyone believes
from emptiness to everything
oh, everyone believes
and no one’s going quietly

We’re never gonna win the world
we’re never gonna stop the war
we’re never gonna beat this
if belief is what we’re fighting for

We’re never gonna win the world
we’re never gonna stop the war
we’re never gonna beat this
if belief is what we’re fighting for

Is there anyone who can remember
ever surrender with their life on the line?

We’re never gonna win the world
we’re never gonna stop the war
we’re never gonna beat this
if belief is what we’re fighting for

We’re never gonna win the world
we’re never gonna stop the war
we’re never gonna beat this
if belief is what we’re fighting for

What puts a hundred thousand children in the sand?
belief can, belief can
What puts a folded flag inside his mother’s hand?
belief can, belief can

Point Form

Since it’s getting to the point where I can’t spend long periods of time writing, regularly at least, I’ve decided to ditch the paragraphs and prose and settle for a point form summary of any substantial things during my day. So, I’ll start with yesterday.

  • Super warm and nice for the third day in a row
  • Played ultimate frisbee again
  • Walked and got lost on the way to a guy’s house…
  • Wasted an hour and a half of my life searching and watching Gunther music videos.

That last point warrants a bit of explanation. So my friend messages me and tells me, “Search up Gunther in Google videos.” So I do and it’s like rediculously funny. So I wait until later, get all the guys from residence here and we go watch all these music videos. So, if you’ve got about half an hour (we took way longer cause we just needed to find more… which proved to be tricky) go to Google Video and search up Gunther. You’ll know what you’re looking for when you find it. Needless to say, you should probably avoid watching in public (it’s not pr0n or anything, but it’s… European) both because of a bit of content but also because you’re going to look retarded laughing your ass off.

Enjoy, and my work report isn’t going at all. About 4 pages more in 3 days. 😐

Uh Oh…

Panic set in more than once today. While I can’t be 100% sure what happened exactly, I have my suspicious and I can definitely tell you what has happened.

I lost most of my tasting abilities.

Well, hopefully it won’t be permanent, but let me tell you, it is such an important sense. My suspicion is that Listerine caused it. I started using Listerine only two days ago since I decided I would be too lazy to floss all the time at school. Listerine seemed like a good alternative, even though it is no longer allowed to market itself as a replacement for floss. Either way, it seemed pretty effective at what it does. It definitely burned a lot more than the Scope I had used before. It burned to the extent that I started worrying if it was right.

I discovered I had lost this important sense a bit after lunchtime today. We were in a rush to get to class so I bought a piece of pizza and a bottle of lemonade. As I was eating the pizza, I found it lacked much taste. I chalked it up to crappy cafeteria pizza, but when I popped open the lemonade and took a drink, that was also eerily missing something that makes it what it is. By this point, I started wondering why I wasn’t really tasting the lemonade. I seemed to be able to taste a little bit towards the back of my tongue, but since the sweet tastebuds are towards the front of the tongue, I was getting very little, if not no taste of the lemonade. It was sort of like drinking water.

Then to test my suspicion that I wasn’t able to taste, I ate some chocolate and chewed some gum. Neither of them had much taste. Uh oh. Something wasn’t right. And let me tell you, it’s weird to not be able to taste much of anything. I sat there eating at dinnertime and I realized just how weird the texture of certain foods are. When you have the ability to taste, the taste is usually what you focus on with the texture coming in second to the senses. Well, since I was lacking the former, the latter was that much more pronounced. Let me tell you, some of this stuff that I normally love to eat felt absolutely disgusting in my mouth. Case in point: Reeses Pieces. The outside felt like wax and when I bit through that, the inside was sort of a mushy paste (makes sense). Actually, most things today ‘tasted’ like flavorless wax. Needless to say I didn’t eat much at all. I have no idea how to get my tastebuds back in order.

For now though, I think I’ll skip the Listerine and see if my taste comes back after a while. Flossing is definitely worth having the ability to taste things. Permanent loss of taste would probably make me just want to kill myself/drink nutrient shakes for the rest of my life.


I have just returned from one of the weirdest, if not the weirdest days/nights in my life, but it was also one hell of a good time. It all started off with a trip out on the town to get some food to eat and maybe see a movie with a couple friends. We ended up at Red Lobster and finally got a table around 8PM. With a nice, long dinner done at a bit past 9:30PM, we headed north to either the theatre or home, depending on how we felt in the drive. But, all that changed when we took a wrong turn and started heading south towards the 401. Jokingly one of them said, “Hey we should go to Mississauga.” (his home) I decided to play along as did the other guy, who lives in Oakville. Before I knew it, we were on the 401 headed for Mississauga. They called up some friends and around 10:30PM found myself at a bowling complex. (I call it a complex as it had 50 lanes, a little bigger than the Basilica…) This was no 5 pin bowling with the little balls. This was full out 10 pin bowling with those full-sized bowling balls. It was quite a lot of fun. After bowling for about an hour, we hit up Tim’s for a nice drink to keep up the level of consciousness.

After that, on the way down to the guy’s place in Oakville, they showed me their previous school, Appleby College. That was some high class action. We then proceeded to play Halo 2 for several hours and watched some movies for the rest of the time. Basically it was the laziest things you could possibly imagine. Then around 6AM, we decided to leave and head back to the University of Waterloo, where I am now writing this from. I am absolutely dead tired and I can hardly wait to go to bed. Just when everyone else is getting up, I’ll be falling unconscious. It’s going to be great. If you’ve gotten this far, sorry for the barely coherent paragraphs and poorly formed sentences. It’s the best I could do with zero sleep in far too long.

Yeah, it was just one of those nights. Life is best taken spontaneously, several times a day. πŸ™‚


Well, I played squash for the first time tonight. Was it ever a blast. I’ve played plenty of tennis, table tennis, and badminton before, so I’m pretty familiar with my racquet sports. Well, I had always been slightly afraid of squash to be honest. Think about it, a small, hard rubber ball whizzing around an enclosed space with two people on the same side of the court sort of thing. Well, there’s no sides, but you know what I mean. I’ve always wondered how people didn’t hit each other repeatedly. Well, while there and playing, I definitely nourished some of those thoughts, but luckily, I didn’t hit anyone. One thing that I did have to adjust for though was the big tennis swing. You see, there are a lot of walls in a squash court and many times, the ball comes right down the wall. A big swing usually means you hit the wall instead of the ball. That usually doesn’t work out very well.

I think I did okay for my first outing; the swing definitely changed from my tennis one. But most importantly of all, I feel great. Shamefully, I haven’t really been doing much physical exercise these days and going out there and playing hard for 2 solid hours was definitely tiring and rewarding at the same time. I know for sure my legs are going to be sore tomorrow. It didn’t help that the person I went with is quite the seasoned squash player.

There was also quite the coincidental event today. A friend here bought a pair of Shure E2c earbuds. Now if you know anything about music, you’ll know that these are very nice earbuds. I had also had my mind set on getting a nicer pair of earbuds for my iPod or any future audio playing device. However, I hadn’t really found anything I liked for a decent price. So I never bought anything. But I was on the phone with my parents when surprisingly, they asked me if I wanted to get a pair of earbuds. They remembered that I had wanted a pair earlier and were going to buy me a pair if they could find something. And to top it all off, Rene, tells me he wants to get a pair of good earbuds. Talk about weird eh? Three earbud-related purchases/potential purchases in one day.

Clearly being as tired as I am right now, I can’t do any PDEng. Even though I finally finished my final module assignments, I failed a couple previous ones, which I was supposed to complete for tomorrow. Well, I submitted a request for extension so we’ll see how that goes. I actually want to think over this resubmit since it pertains to my work report, which is still teetering on the edge. I’d like to do a good job and see the feedback they give me. I plan on working on my work term report starting this weekend so the PDEng assignment should get done in the process. At least that’s the plan. πŸ™‚