Windows 7 Released to Manufacturing (Finally?)

What’s a few days between friends? Today, Windows 7 was released to manufacturing, so pop those corks. Brandon LeBlanc, from the Windows 7 blog, detailed the RTM, perhaps in an attempt to appease folks like Paul Thorrott, explaining that Microsoft’s RTM process isn’t just a single build, but a branch.

I’ve been running Windows 7 Beta since early January, and then switched over to the release candidate on both my desktop and laptop, when it was released. It’s been a fine operating system, with countless user interaction improvements over Vista. The mantra seems to have been: reduce the number of discrete actions required for each task. And with a mouse click less here and a keypress no longer needed there, Windows Vista has  transformed into a thing of beauty and efficiency.

I’m looking forward to an MSDN-AA license, and probably a cheap copy at the Microsoft store when I’m there in the fall!