Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

It’s the holidays again (so soon?) and I hope everyone has a wonderful time with friends and family. It’s been a tough year for many, but there’s finally some light at the end of the economic tunnel. Good things are in store for 2010!

Soon, it’ll be time to wrap up this decade and move on into the next. Y2K doesn’t feel that long ago, and about the time I became interested in technology, which set me up on a path to where I find myself today.

Tomorrow, I’m off to Prince Edward Island. It’s been several long years since I’ve seen some of my closest friends. With many of us graduating and heading off into the wide world this year, I’m uncertain when I’ll see everyone congregate in the place I still call home, after so many years.

Nostalgia reigns supreme these days. Recently, I had a vivid memory of walking with my best friend through his old elementary school playground, on the way to our high school, and seeing his younger brother. He’s at university now. I watched that kid grow up. Gosh, I feel ancient. I’m going to be like that uncle who thinks his nephew has forever stayed 8 years old.

Of Times Long Gone

I was paid a visit by my Prince Edward Island high school economics teacher who was up in Waterloo, visiting his son. I am especially grateful and got to know him well because he was the one who originally got me interested in business and really pushed my passion for the stock markets through the fantasy stock competition he held in each of his economics classes.

He picked me up from Sybase for lunch – we went to Boston Pizza. The last time he visited he paid, using the fact that I was in school against me. This time, I turned the tables – since I’m making money working at Sybase, I paid. We chatted about a whole variety of things, from how my old high school, Colonel Gray, is doing (apparently things have changed significantly over the past couple years), the musical production (oh, how much fun I had participating in Seussical both as part of the pit band and cast) and his recent visit to China.

I’ve always enjoyed chatting with my economics teacher; he tells absolutely the most entertaining stories of anyone I know. Unfortunately, I had to get back to work, so after an hour and a half, we parted ways.

The talk of my old home made me even more hopeful that I’ll be able to visit after my work term at Sybase is concluded. I have a little more than a week between work and when actual classes start (thank you, Frosh Week) and I’m planning on spending it on PEI with friends if I can fit it into their schedules as well.