Sony Ericsson K790 Internal Memory Corrupted

So I believe I’ve found the root cause of all of these problems with my K790a. The internal memory is corrupt. It all makes sense now, first the corrupt text message, the random disappearance of all my messages, and then messed up wallpaper. More recently, pictures I’ve taken with the camera have become corrupt and I now get an error that says, “Errors occur in the file. This may render the menu unusable.” It is indeed unusable, there are many menus that are no longer accessible; they just don’t show up. I was going to attempt a Master Reset, but I can no longer access any of the menus under Settings.

K790 Error

To top it all off, I lost what text messages I had accumulated from the previous surprise deletion. Oh brother.

I’m going to see if there are any firmware updates available for the device. If that doesn’t solve the problem, Sony Ericsson will be getting a call from me within the week. What started off as a problem with the navigation stick really seems to have snowballed quickly. Anyone else having problems with their K790/K800 or is it just my poor luck?

Update: I see that there are quite a few people who are reaching this page from search engines, presumably with the same problems with the K790/K800 as I’ve been having. Key searches have been errors with the file and corrupted files in the phone. I’d like you point you over to this post, where I’ve detailed the fact that I was able to resolve the problem (at least for now) by flashing it with the latest firmware from Sony Ericsson. Hopefully this helps people who were as frustrated as I was.

More SE K790 Issues

I already wrote about the issues I’ve been having with the Sony Ericsson K790’s navigation stick, but if you haven’t read that, here’s the post. Since then, I cleaned out the little well for the navigation stick and it seemed to ameliorate the problem, at least for a little while. The problem is now back, but with a vengeance. In other words, it’s even worse. Now there’s not even anything that I can see that could be causing the problem.

Then weird lines started appearing on the home screen – at first I thought there was something wrong with the LCD, but it turns out the wallpaper was messing up. I refreshed the theme and everything’s fine, but it still leaves me wondering why that happened in the first place.

To top it all off, my text messaging box became full a couple days ago. Whether it was pure coincidence or a result of the full text messages folder, I got a corrupted text message. The next time I checked my messages, I (to my utter amazement) had an empty inbox and sent folder. I did not delete any of my text messages. Sony Ericsson must have thought it a good idea to automatically clean out the message folders when they become full. It’s either that, or my phone has more issues than I originally thought.

Sony Ericsson K790a Joystick Problems

Maybe I should have heeded the advice of the few nay-sayers when I decided to pick up a Sony Ericsson K790a. The old K750 from Sony Ericsson came with a joystick navigation device and many users complained about it being unresponsive after some time. One group was adamant that SE had fixed the problem on their new generation phones while others were skeptical.

I think I can prove the former group wrong and the latter right.

I’ve only had the phone for about 6 months and for the past two months or so, I’ve felt the joystick starting to become loose. No longer does it give a solid ‘click’ when I push it in any direction. (Luckily, the downwards press still works fine.) Then about a week ago, the down direction started to become unresponsive. They just won’t register sometimes. Other times it seems as though I’ve pushed it multiple times in one motion.

If this keeps up, Sony Ericsson’s getting a call.