Cooler Master X Craft 350 eSATA Enclosure Review

I’m always between my permanent home and my temporary home whether I’m at university or on a co-op job. Consequently, I’ve come to find that an external hard drive is immensely useful. I store most of my media files on it so that I can easily take them with me, to use it with my laptop or desktop, depending on which setting I find myself.

Additionally, with media files getting larger and larger, it’s become increasingly difficult to store everything on my existing 200GB USB 2.0 external drive. I hate doing DVD backups (it requires so much time, not to mention the hassle of searching for the DVDs down the road) so the obvious solution was to purchase a new hard drive. Since I like carrying my media around with me, I decided to pick up a hard drive enclosure as well.

Initially, I didn’t really think much about the enclosure. Most people I know tend to pick the Vantec line of enclosures and the USB 2.0 version at that. However, remembering that I have an external SATA port on my ASUS P5W DH motherboard, I thought it would be nice to take advantage of the built in capability. A little research later and I settled on the Cooler Master X Craft 350 eSATA enclosure. I picked one up at DirectCanada for just under $40 CAD.

Package Details

The front of the packaging shows you what you’re getting. There are no aliens or robots here. Cooler Master uses their signature purplish colour quite liberally and some of the more important specs are listed in plain sight.


Open up the box and you’re greeted with a well laid out package that includes:

The enclosure itself
eSATA to eSATA cable
eSATA to SATA adapter bracket
USB cable
AC adapter
2 risers for thin-type drives
User manual
CD with Windows 98 SE drivers and P&G Backup software


Nothing really out of the ordinary for an eSATA enclosure.