Sybase, Loyalty, and Moving Forward

My fourth work term overall and second one at Sybase in product management is coming to and end this Wednesday and I’m facing the last few days with some sadness.

One thing I can say about myself, without hesitation, is that I am almost absurdly loyal. I’m one of those employees that is pained by a poor earnings report or news of a lost deal. Case in point: while working at Bell Mobility was amazing as I had the opportunity to work with wireless technologies that I was interested in, it was also mentally and emotionally painful. For those of you who have followed Bell over the past 5-8 years or so, you’ll know that they’ve fallen quite far from their original dominant position in the Canadian telecommunications business, in no small part due to some poor business decisions on their part.

And so it pains me a great deal to be moving on from Sybase. I will not be returning for a third semester. It’s partly due to my desire to take advantage of the co-op program and try out some different jobs, but it’s also that I’ve realized my passion just doesn’t lie in database technology. I spoke with the Product Management director regarding my future at Sybase, and I spoke the truth. As much as I have loved working at Sybase, I’m ready to continue my search. Over the past two semesters, I’ve gotten to know the company and the people. Sybase has opened my eyes to the world of Product Management and I hope (and know) that I’ve contributed my fair share back to it. My decision not to return has nothing to do with Sybase and everything to do with my own, admittedly somewhat selfish, concerns. Wednesday will be a difficult day. My consolation is that I’ll be leaving Sybase at the best of times, as its products have driven great success in the past year, from crossing the $1 billion revenue mark to posting stellar Q1 2008 results.

This semester has cemented my feeling that product management or a similar position is what I want to pursue in the future. I don’t have my mind set on any specific market, although I’ve developed an even deeper interest in the web through various projects I’ve worked on this semester. Yet in the back of my mind, a potential position I’ve been incubating for the past month still burns and excites me.

The next month will be an exciting, and yet worrisome time as I go through the application and interview process. Will I find another workplace that I’ve loved as much as Sybase? Will I find a job that I want to go to every day like I have at Sybase? We’ll soon see.


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  1. Justin – I remember almost passing out on my walk to Research in Motion a couple years back. It was absolutely horrendous in that black suit.

    Will – I don’t want to divulge that information yet, as it’s certainly not something definitive at all. In fact, it’s looking less and less likely with each passing day, which disappoints me a great deal.

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