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So I thought it would be nice of me to give you a quick update on the state of this site. One of the main reasons for the lack of updates (aside from too much Medieval 2: Total War) is that I’m in the midst of moving to a new host and domain name. This site is currently hosted with HostGator and I’ve been extremely happy with them. Performance is good and support is just fine. However, the hosting cost has been getting away from me a little bit. Since the domain name isn’t included in the package, that really added quite a chunk of money. I hadn’t seen that cost until about a month ago, since the first year’s registration was free. Not being able to host multiple domain names was also an issue; moving up the hosting ladder to a better plan also cost quite a bit.

So I was on the market for a good performing, but cheap-ish webhost. Yeah, you’d think that’s an oxymoron of sorts. In any case, I read around and found that Servage looked pretty good on paper. Their advertised ‘Cluster’ servers seemed to be a pretty good way of balancing load and giving good performance across the board. Plus, I checked out a few sites hosted by Servage and was impressed with the speed. Plus, the domain names are free for the duration of the hosting and I could get a dot ca domain!

I signed up a couple weeks ago but it wasn’t until this past week that I got some time to start moving stuff over. First impressions were iffy at best; the FTP seemed very slow, not only the actual upload/download speeds, but each FTP operation took a little longer than they should have. Since I hardly do any major file transfers, I excused that. However, when I did get my site uploaded and the WordPress database moved over, the site performance was abysmal. I don’t ask for instant page loads or anything, but this was taking 15-20 seconds to load my main page. This was much worse than with HostGator. Okay, I thought, this advertised cluster server thing obviously does nothing. I decided to send them an email, asking about the performance, whether it was an anomaly or the level of performance I should expect. I definitely wasn’t going to stay with them if this was the sort of performance I was going to get.
Fortunately, I got a response back quite quickly. Apparently, I could have my site moved over to a newer cluster, with better performance. I told them to go ahead and do that, but in the back of my mind, I was thinking, why wasn’t the newer cluster used in the first place? Did they not know about the atrocious performance on the old cluster? In either case, the response was helpful and quick and the site does seem to perform much better now on the new cluster. Hopefully it’ll stay that way. All in all, a mixed feeling about the new host. We’ll see how it progresses down the road.

I’ve still got some stuff to work on before I redirect you to the new site. Shouldn’t be long now.


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  1. If you’re thinking of moving your domain name registration to your new hosting provider, you might want to give this some more thought and research.

    Sure it’ll save you a couple of bucks. But it might bring you untold headaches later down the road.

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