Super Confidential

This is just plain amazing. Nvidia’s about to launch the world’s first Direct3D 10 compatible video card on November 8th, G80 (or the 8800 series in market-speak). As usual, the rumours abound and the most coveted details are starting to appear. Are you ready for this much performance? I know I am.

Rumoured 8800GTX Performance

Now seriously, here’s an actual picture of the card. It’s absolutely huge and it’s supposed to suck power like there’s no tomorrow. Oh did I mention expensive? Looks like I’ll be waiting until late next year for the second generation D3D10 cards. (Click for more pictures/details)



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  1. Holy.


    Is that chart accurate?? I’m guessing no, judging by the penis drawn on the stick men…makes me take it a little less seriously 😛

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