Summertime and the Livin’s Easy


The weather in Southern Ontario has been hot and wet since late May, although temperatures are back to normal this week. And while “Spring” was here not too long ago, it’s very much getting into a summer atmosphere now. Where the trails were brown and covered with dead plants from the previous year but a month ago, green is the most abundant color now.

The above is a 3-shot HDR. The exif is for the middle shot, with +/- 1EV bracketed on each side. I’m still getting the hang of Photomatix; the Details Enhancer Tone Mapping mode renders a markedly different result from what is shown in the preview, which is a pain. Often, this means several iterations are required before I get the effect I’m looking for.

As for summer, I love it, and as the rock says, the living’s pretty easy. Take care!


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