Summer’s In The Air

There’s no way around it. The past two days has proved that summer is indeed on its way here. After what seemed like the longest winter ever (and it was quite the tease too, 15C weather for a couple days and then it dropped down to brutally cold temps again) the birds are out (the geese are back…) the trees are budding and the wind’s no longer bone-chilling. It’s been a good solid 15C or so the past couple days and sunny. Tomorrow promises to be even warmer although it’s also going to rain, which is really not nearly as good. To be able to walk around without much need for a jacket it quite nice.

Another indication that summer is coming is the fact that school’s out for the students here at the University of Waterloo. Well, they’ve still got exams and whatnot left, but lectures are over and students are starting to clear out. The couple guys here at res I’ve been hanging out with have left so it’s a little lonely. 🙁 It’s sort of scary to think that I’ll soon be back here again, but working my ass off instead. And plus I still have to do my work report. Oh god. You can’t even begin to comprehend how horrible that’s going to be. I second my choice of topics just about daily now. And since I just found out I failed module 6, the one where I wrote about my plan for a work term. Unfortunately, the UWAce system sucks so I can’t even see why I failed… Excellent. Just the news I need.

Work’s been whatever work’s always been. Pretty boring. Nothing exciting aside from lunch break maybe. I can’t exactly say I’m enjoying my line of work too much… Just goes to show that a job you enjoy is probably the most important thing. I’ve only been working here for 3 months and I can barely stand it. Imagine spending 20 years or more at it. I’d probably go certifiably insane.

And today at work, I came up with this absolutely nerdy thought. I was in the bathroom and both urinals had been taken so I sort of awkwardly paced around a bit. Then after leaving the bathroom, I thought, I wonder what the chances are of meeting at least one other person in the bathroom. Clearly the only way to quench my thirst for this new tidbit of knowledge, I decided to do a little bit of mathematics. Say there are 50 males at my workplace. Then on average, say they spend 3 minutes every 2 hours in the bathroom. So that means they spend 1/40th of their time in a bathroom. Conversely, they’d spend 39/40ths of their time not in the bathroom. So (39/40)^49 would be the chance that no one else is in the bathroom but you (power of 49 since there would be 49 people aside from yourself). That translates into a 28.9% chance no one else will be in the bathroom and therefore a 71.7% chance that you will see someone else in the bathroom. Interesting eh? 😛

Oh awesome news! I just found out about this yesterday. In an email, I was informed about the ‘new’ semester schedule for the summer of 06. Okay, well, I didn’t even know we had an ‘old’ schedule, but that’s beside the point. I discover, much to my joy and happiness that exams are over on August 12th at the very latest. That means I get a good solid 3 weeks to relax. So, I think I can probably buy that plane ticket back to PEI right about now. 🙂 So yeah, that’s definitely been one of the highlights of this past week.
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