As seems to coincide each year, the week of Canada Day and Independence Day brought along with them warm, muggy weather. Hasn’t seemed to make a difference that I’ve moved most of the way across the continent, this week marks the real beginning of summer weather. We’ve had a week of hot, sometimes muggy weather, as days gyrated between overcast and gloriously sun-drenched.

I took the new C300 on its first road trip to Central Washington, cherry and blueberry picking, over the weekend. Unlike the inconsistent weather closer to the coast, it was plain and simply hot and sunny. Temperatures were up in the low 90’s Fahrenheit (low to mid 30’s Celsius). The dark interior of the car didn’t help matters, sitting parked for a few hours. That said, I always enjoy the escape to instant (and nearly guaranteed) summer and sun in the interior anytime between May and September. It’s an easy 2 hour detour when the skies just aren’t working out on the coast. Note the desert shrubbery.

Mercedes C300

The pick your own cherries at Bill’s Berry Farm was especially fun. We went for Rainier’s (some people say they taste like little peaches – I didn’t quite get that, but that are very juicy and sweet) and it was satisfying to find a branch filled with fruit basking in the sun, because they were especially rosy and ripe. We also happened to be there during the Blueberry festival, with food, various booths set up, selling arts and crafts from the area. If I were younger, I’d probably be excited about getting up close with the farm animals or the hayrides, etc.

With July 4 falling on a Thursday this year, many folks, myself included, took the Friday off to create an extra-long weekend. It’s the longest I’ve been away from work since the Christmas holidays, so it was a refreshed mind that I returned to work this week. There’s one last deep breath to push through RTM, later this summer, as Tami announced. It’s an interesting time.


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