Summer Arrives

It’s the end of another weekend and I’m heading back to the University of Waterloo on a very crowded bus. In the winter, this bus was always so empty and I wondered how the company made any money. Well, it’s the summer now (I’ll explain why in a bit) and Niagara Falls is the tourist place to be in the summer so the bus is pretty jam packed. I’ve got my arms scrunched up here trying to write this. Picture me with a 15.4” laptop on my lap trying to type with about a foot and a half’s space in front of my chest. It’s not pretty and feels pretty damn awkward to boot. Who knows if the people around me are looking at what I’m writing… Hey you there, stop peeking. Yeah, you.

The weekend wasn’t too bad I guess. I did quite a bit of preparation for studying (that means getting myself and my notes organized) and started reading the course notes. I really haven’t gotten through much of anything yet and I’ve got my three hardest midterms starting next Friday. It should be okay. I plan on existing in the library for most of the time this coming week. As well, I’ve got a few interviews which I’ve had to prepare a little bit for coming up early next week. Hopefully they’ll go well. If I can get a job in this first set of interviews, a big weight will be lifted from my shoulders. It would especially suck to have to worry about getting a job later in the year, especially around final exam time. They’ve removed the early match process that I used for last semester’s job so I’ll be able to go through all my interviews and hopefully make a more informed choice. I basically went for whatever job I could get in the first semester (it’s probably the hardest semester to get a job, and for good reason) but maybe, just maybe I can afford to be a little pickier this time around.

Oh, I mentioned it was summer earlier. Although the beginning of the summer season is officially June 21st, I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say summer is upon you in just about every sense of the word when you have three days in a row of 32°C weather (if you could read this Reese, I’m sure you’d be jealous). Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week is when the awesome weather will start. That’s not to mention that the weekend has also been extremely nice. This is only the start and I’m sure I’ll hate studying when there’s so much to do outside. I’ll get my fair share of Ultimate Frisbee in hopefully.


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