Stupid Bandwidth Limits

Damn stupid ResNet bandwidth limitations here at UWaterloo are getting on my nerves. Apparently streaming 128kbps music all day over the internet isn’t be the best idea. Nor is watching high quality keynote presentations from CES. So my weekly bandwidth allotment of 1500MB has vanished. I used up almost 1400MB yesterday alone and I won’t be getting it back until at least this coming Wednesday. This sucks. I’m going to really have to bug my parents about getting a separate line here. But in the meantime, I may venture out to the library or something and siphon the wireless for next few days. Don’t get excited about really reading anything new here for a bit since I’m pretty lazy and walking to the library isn’t my idea of fun. 😀

But since I can’t hang around on the internet, I guess I could read some more and play some Rome Total War… I guess that’s not so bad in itself. 🙂

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2 Replies to “Stupid Bandwidth Limits”

  1. Well I am back at school and so accordingly have way more time on the internet. You had better keep updating and posting or I will be bored out of my mind. I know what you mean about the shittiness of limited bandwidth. But 1.4 GB in one day is a little bit:) hmmm…I should probably cut down my mp3 streaming too, or my host parents are gonna get a shock with the next internet bill:P

  2. Yeah, I over did it that day, although I think they’re jipping me since if you think about it, around 1MB per minute… That’s like 22 hours of music. I don’t think I streamed it for that long. Although it does cache the song you’re playing and the one right after so if you skip songs…

    Ah, you guys are billed by bandwidth over there?

    Suckers. 😀

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