Stern’s Profanity Climbs 34%

You may know a growing ‘trend’ in North America, the adoption of satellite radio. One of the two big players, Sirius Satellite Radio hired up Howard Stern exclusively in deal valued somewhere between $500 and $600 million US, depending on its stock performance at any point in time. In any case, for anyone who has listened to any of Stern’s material, you’ll know it’s littered with profanity. But, in an effort to keep pace with Sirius’ revenue growth, Howard Stern’s use of profanity has increased a whopping 34% comparing the February 9th show to his January 9th show. Here are the detailed statistics. User be warned, implied profanity may be found in the following article.

Media Data Corporation Comparative Analysis

That elicited quite a chuckle from me, especially since it’s a Yahoo Finance article. You usually don’t find gems like that over there. 🙂

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