Step 2


  • Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 320GB SATA2
  • Antec P180 Black Midtower
  • OCZ GameXStream 600W Power Supply
  • BenQ DW1655 DVD+-RW DL with LightScribe
  • BFG Tech Teflon Mouse Feet Covers (effin’ A)

Since I’m seriously addicted to this new computer thing, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to pick up some of parts that aren’t going to drop massively in price over the next month or so. Plus, I’ve got this Pentium4 2.4C and ASUS P4P800-E Deluxe just begging me to be tested. I have to test the motherboard anyways to make sure that wasn’t the original problem with the old system. Once I’ve made sure they’re both problem free, it’s off to Ebay they go. What better way to prepare for a new computer than to sell a few old parts for an added subsidy? πŸ˜‰

So now I’ve only got the 4 most important parts left to buy, the CPU, motherboard, RAM and video card. (oh and a huge heatsink too for overclocking) I’ve pretty much decided on the video card and RAM but I still have to wait for my heatsink of choice (Tuniq Tower) to come back in stock. They’ve said they’re probably not going to have anything in stock in North America until mid September rolls around. The way I see it, it’ll give the Conroes a good chance to retreat from their currently gay pricing. I hate it when demand exceeds supply. πŸ˜› Those retailers must be having loads of fun gouging us consumers.

Oh, it’s soon going to be fun times. Can you feel the excitement?


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  1. Actually I’ve had a change of heart since the time of this posting. I’m currently going to try and wait it out until October before buying the rest (and the most price sensitive). I’m going to try and wait for the new DirectX 10 cards and pick one of those up. I looked at the Crysis videos/screenshots and decided I neeeeeed DX10 for that game (and others).

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