Steam (rehashed)

You may remember an article I wrote about the crappiness of Steam. I didn’t say it at the time, but I was looking for a specific animation I had come across. Well, just randomly browsing through a driver forum, I came upon that animation. I shall now share it with all you out there.

I’ve been using Opera actually more than Firefox for the past few days. So far, I’ve found quite a few quirks with it, mainly problems opening some pages. Templates are a bit messed up sometimes. In fact, I couldn’t post in Blogger with it, so I’m back on Firefox for this posting session. Not sure if it’s something I’m doing wrong or whether it’s just not properly supported. Anywho, Opera 8.5’s free, which is what really prevented me from trying it out in the past. I never really felt like paying $30 or whatever for a internet browser… Oh and you can talk to it and it’ll do stuff. Pretty nifty for you lazy folks out there. =D

On a separate note, we saw a video in one of our classes about technology that really struck a chord with me, in a good way. It really made me think about technology in our lives. I’ll write something about it soon. Maybe this weekend or something.


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