Steam Is…

A steaming pile of crap. Ok, not everyone knows what Steam is. It’s an internet delivery/syncing type tool that allows you to play the Half Life games, find server and friends online and update the games you have. You can also pay to download games so you lazy people don’t even have to drive to your local tech store to pick up the game. Yes, I was actually very strongly considering getting Half Life 2 in order to play the supposedly awesome single player and the definitely awesome CounterStrike: Source. However, I had the bright idea today to get the Half Life 2 demo to test out the new video card I got.

What a mistake that was.

I downloaded this ~800MB program and proceded to install it. After that was done, I was getting pretty excited to play this very hyped game. So I load it up. Oops, Steam is updating. Ok in the idle time while I waited, I went to have a look at how much space this demo takes up. I’m thinking maybe a gigabyte or so. Right click on folder. Click on properties. Bend down to peel my bottom jaw off the floor. The friggin demo takes up ~3.4GB. I can only imagine what the real game would take up…

In any case, by this time, I’m getting really excited cause I’m thinking that the demo may be quite extensive. Ok so go back to Steam. Oh oops again, Steam is now updating its platform… Ok so I’m thinking to myself, wow this is taking damn long. But I guess it’s still working; I’ll give it some time. OH crap! The program errored out. Ok, I’m still interested in the game. I’ll give it another shot. Updates platform again from the beginning. Finally! I’m into the screen where I can choose to start the game. So I go to Play Game, and I select Half Life 2 Demo. W00T! Intense graphics and gameplay here I come.

Ohs nos…. Again. I have to update the demo now. Fortunately it at least shows me an estimated time. Oh, excuse me I meant, unfortunately it shows me an estimated time. I was greeted by a picture that looked something like this:

Ok, that’s about the best imitation I could do with Photoshop. Pretty good huh? But seriously, it wanted me to wait for 90+ minutes to update the demo. Well to tell you the truth, as much as I had wanted to play the demo at one point, I no longer did. Steam has seriously turned off quite a few gamers to the Half-Life (and surrounding) games. Just open up Google or your favorite search engine and type in Steam sucks. I’ll guarantee you’ll find a load of people complaining about it.

To say the least, I will not be buying Half Life 2 as I had previously planned. I couldn’t possibly imagine the agony of trying to meet up with some buds online only to find out that Steam feels like taking a dump on me at that moment. (Steam must eat too much; it takes way too many dumps) Maybe someday, this article will be listed in a search engine under Steam sucks, cause you know what; it really is a steaming pile of crap.


4 Replies to “Steam Is…”

  1. Hahaha…I know what you mean. I have also had some unpleasant experiences with Steam.

    And BTW, I took your advice and googled “steam sucks” It turns out there is an official website on steam sucks 😀

    And I got my keyboard fixed 🙂

  2. I got a Radeon X800XL 256MB. It’s pretty good, about twice as fast as the Radeon 9800 Pro I have in here before. Can you say Far Cry at 1600×1200 at Very High everything? 😉

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