Starting Down A New Road

I know it’s super sad, but I’m sitting here on a Friday night at the university residence working. The job applications just opened up today for the next semester and I decided it would be wise to do a sweep through the available jobs and pick out some I’d like to apply to and have a chance of getting. You see, the jobs that open today for applications actually close for applications in a couple days. So it’s not like I’ve got forever to apply and I’m just being super nerdy. I had the option of skipping the whole process and just going back to my first company, but I decided to really take advantage of the co-op system. After all, I see it as a chance to test drive a bunch of different careers. Why stick yourself in one company or organization for multiple semesters, unless you really, truly like it there and would consider it as a career? So I’m expanding my horizons and trying my luck (and skill) at some new companies.

So, I short listed a bunch of jobs that I plan to apply to tomorrow or Sunday, as soon as I update my resume to reflect the work experience and skills I gained over the past semester of work. I also decided that I would try and swing my job target direction a bit. Instead of going for the purely technical ones, I’ve short listed a bunch of business-oriented jobs. You probably know my fascination with everything business as well as technology, so what better mix than to use technology in business? I don’t think I can lose this way. Banks seem to be the way to go for this idea, especially if I can get a job in a financial analysis development team or something like that. And as you know, the money doesn’t lie in the technical, it lies in the economical. You can learn every technical detail about a certain subject, but without seeing the big picture with all the other projects and the money lying underneath, it’s really quite useless. I want to work with the big picture, not the minute details.

I also found a bunch of jobs which absolutely floored me. One was with nVidia doing quality and performance testing of graphics cards before they’re released. I couldn’t believe how perfect a job like that would be for me. I’d absolutely love it. Like I’d probably work overtime every single day and love every minute of it. The only rough thing about that job is that it’s in Santa Clara, California. I’ll have to see how difficult/easy it would be to get a work visa for the US.

Oh the possibilities. This is probably one of the reasons I stay at the University of Waterloo. I mean, you definitely don’t come here for the (lack) of females or the fugly campus or the ridiculously difficult courses. You come here because it’s a got a solid engineering program and a co-op system second to none. I mean where or when else in your life is 600+ jobs in your field, already filtered for you, going to be laid out before you and you just have to submit your application to them? Plus, you get to do this six times over the course of the program to potentially try out 6 totally different career paths.

As much as I sometimes hate this place and all the work, I really love the opportunities it’s giving me.


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  1. I just re-read some of that post and realized how many typing errors I made. I wasn’t thinking properly or something…

    No need to be jealous. Think about how much work I’m doing. RIGHT NOW.

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