Stale Content and Christmas Cheer

Sorry about the lack of posts in recent days; one presentation’s done and out of the way, but this second one appears to be much more challenging. I’ve been working really late and even doing work at home. That’s just not fun. The semester’s almost over though, so I don’t mind one final push. The presentation’s scheduled for next Tuesday.

With the end of the semester comes the Christmas holidays. I’m definitely looking forward to that and it seems like my co-workers are as well. There’s a lot of talk about Christmas shopping and kids around the office these days. Today a few of the people around me were talking about how they’ve hidden Santa’s secret identity from their children. They shared stories about close calls where quick thinking and a couple white lies managed to pull them out of a precarious situation. It almost seems natural as a parent to be able to come up with a quick alibi to protect the identity of Santa Claus.

As well, the department’s going out for a movie and drinks afterward next week. I think I just might go along, seeing as I’m lawfully allowed to drink now. 🙂


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