Well, I played squash for the first time tonight. Was it ever a blast. I’ve played plenty of tennis, table tennis, and badminton before, so I’m pretty familiar with my racquet sports. Well, I had always been slightly afraid of squash to be honest. Think about it, a small, hard rubber ball whizzing around an enclosed space with two people on the same side of the court sort of thing. Well, there’s no sides, but you know what I mean. I’ve always wondered how people didn’t hit each other repeatedly. Well, while there and playing, I definitely nourished some of those thoughts, but luckily, I didn’t hit anyone. One thing that I did have to adjust for though was the big tennis swing. You see, there are a lot of walls in a squash court and many times, the ball comes right down the wall. A big swing usually means you hit the wall instead of the ball. That usually doesn’t work out very well.

I think I did okay for my first outing; the swing definitely changed from my tennis one. But most importantly of all, I feel great. Shamefully, I haven’t really been doing much physical exercise these days and going out there and playing hard for 2 solid hours was definitely tiring and rewarding at the same time. I know for sure my legs are going to be sore tomorrow. It didn’t help that the person I went with is quite the seasoned squash player.

There was also quite the coincidental event today. A friend here bought a pair of Shure E2c earbuds. Now if you know anything about music, you’ll know that these are very nice earbuds. I had also had my mind set on getting a nicer pair of earbuds for my iPod or any future audio playing device. However, I hadn’t really found anything I liked for a decent price. So I never bought anything. But I was on the phone with my parents when surprisingly, they asked me if I wanted to get a pair of earbuds. They remembered that I had wanted a pair earlier and were going to buy me a pair if they could find something. And to top it all off, Rene, tells me he wants to get a pair of good earbuds. Talk about weird eh? Three earbud-related purchases/potential purchases in one day.

Clearly being as tired as I am right now, I can’t do any PDEng. Even though I finally finished my final module assignments, I failed a couple previous ones, which I was supposed to complete for tomorrow. Well, I submitted a request for extension so we’ll see how that goes. I actually want to think over this resubmit since it pertains to my work report, which is still teetering on the edge. I’d like to do a good job and see the feedback they give me. I plan on working on my work term report starting this weekend so the PDEng assignment should get done in the process. At least that’s the plan. 🙂


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  1. Tuition fees are up on Quest.
    You should’ve joined Dragonboat. Good exercise!

    I’m paddling with Paddlers Anonymous this season. Come out and watch our races.

    and no, it’s not that i dislike ottawa… actually gonna miss it a LOT. but im anxious to get back to waterloo and have fun.

  2. Yeah, saw that. Sweet, I can hardly wait to give them $7700 … I plan on doing much more exercise in the summer. You should come play ultimate frisbee with us in the goose-poop-filled fields.

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