Spring is Here! …?

I took a look at the weather forecast for Waterloo over the next couple days and was pleasantly surprised. It has been dead freezing here over the last couple weeks (yesterday was a lot better) and I’d been getting pretty sick of winter in general. So to wake up to this is quite nice. 🙂

Spring is here

I can hardly wait. Probably just about the right time to bust out the shorts no?

Oh, almost forgot to mention, I’ve officially released my first theme, Amalgam. Try it out! (if you’re running WordPress that is)

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6 Replies to “Spring is Here! …?”

  1. mmmm…theme, thanks chuck. The other one was way too slow with all the bells and whistles, plus it usually didn’t work right. This has all the stuff I want (can you change the header easily?) looks like I’m gonna be your first “buyer”.

    I thought spring was here too, last week that is. It was 10 degrees almost every day and I was wearing my spring jacket on my mountain hikes. I guess winter proved us wrong in its own vicious way by dumping a half a metre of snow on us this past weekend:P I WANT SUMMER”!!!!

  2. It’s almost here and I can’t wait. Reese, stop making me jealous. I’d kill small plants to get 20 degree weather.

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