Sony Ericsson Warranty Service Experience

I guess it was a little premature of me to send Sony Ericsson an inquiring email 4 days ago regarding the status of my K790a RMA. A day later, the repaired phone arrived.

Even before I purchased the K790a (well, it was free with the Rogers contract) I’d heard some rumblings about potential problems with the navigation joystick. Previous generation Sony Ericsson phones had notorious problems with malfunctioned ones. It was recommended by some to stick with phones with a navigation pad instead. However, with its blend of camera and music playing abilities, I decided to take the chance. The phone worked wonderfully for a good 2 or 3 months before problems started occurring.

There’s little point in me going into detail about the problems I’ve had, since I’m already written about them. I set up an RMA with Sony Ericsson to fix memory corruption errors as well as the joystick malfunctions. The process was quite painless, requiring an email and a reply requesting I call to set up the RMA. After giving them some of the phone details, an return authorization case was set up and I sent in my phone. The support personnel informed me that the problems sounded like they stemmed from a software issue and that service would be required to update the software of the phone. If it was just the firmware, I’m not entirely certain why I couldn’t have done it myself and saved the shipping and time required, but regardless I sent it in. I was given a 14-21 day turnaround notice. Not exactly quick for something as ‘essential’ as a cell phone, but along the lines of most warranty service.

Luckily, a friend recently purchased an HTC TyTN II and his K790a wasn’t being used. He was nice enough to lend me his phone while I waited or mine. It was like I never sent my phone off to SE at all. However, after almost two weeks without hearing a peep from Sony Ericsson, I decided to take a look at the status of the RMA. The online tool only said that the RMA was ‘Pending’. The link for additional details did not even list that as a possible status. Seeing that the website was pretty useless, I decided to send Sony Ericsson an email.

Before 24 hours was up, I had already received the phone, so obviously the online status was a little out of date. The lack of communication (no email was sent, informing me that my phone was received or shipped for that matter) was also a little worrisome, although the turnaround time and end result were pretty good. Within the time I’ve used it since the repair, the joystick’s been working well and I haven’t noticed any memory corruption errors. The new software update even adds a Rogers Music Player application.

Not bad Sony Ericsson, not bad.


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