Sony Ericsson K790a Joystick Problems

Maybe I should have heeded the advice of the few nay-sayers when I decided to pick up a Sony Ericsson K790a. The old K750 from Sony Ericsson came with a joystick navigation device and many users complained about it being unresponsive after some time. One group was adamant that SE had fixed the problem on their new generation phones while others were skeptical.

I think I can prove the former group wrong and the latter right.

I’ve only had the phone for about 6 months and for the past two months or so, I’ve felt the joystick starting to become loose. No longer does it give a solid ‘click’ when I push it in any direction. (Luckily, the downwards press still works fine.) Then about a week ago, the down direction started to become unresponsive. They just won’t register sometimes. Other times it seems as though I’ve pushed it multiple times in one motion.

If this keeps up, Sony Ericsson’s getting a call.


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  1. I have had this phone for about 8 months now, and have had joystick problems for at least 4 months. Now the problem is that the phone is garbled sounding. I sent it in to have it repaired – all that was done is that the software was upgraded.
    Got the phone back and it sounds just as bad as it did before. They also did nothing about the joystick issue.

    Every time I called they told me to either update the software or do a master reset.

    I have sony products throughout my house, but after dealing with this, I have no faith in sony products. Never again will I purchase a sony product.

  2. I had sent in the phone and they informed me that all I needed was a software update. When it came back, it seemed to be working much better, but a couple weeks ago, the joystick started going downhill again. To make matters worse, I had a few more text messages corrupt on my phone. (I don’t believe it’s a Rogers network issue, as I had already received them, read them, and a little later when I went back to my inbox, they were corrupt.)

    I’m getting the feeling that they updated the firmware and possibly cleaned out the joystick well a bit – and as it’s coming up to just about the end of the one year warranty, I probably won’t have much luck getting anything done to fix the problems.

    As you said, I’m getting a little frustrated. Someone else will be getting my money come time for a new phone.

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