Sony Ericsson Branded Wallpapers

I’ve taken the liberty of creating a few wallpapers with the Sony Ericsson and Cyber-shot branding. I’ve noticed wayyyy too many cell phone wallpapers with either anime or some half nekkid person. The last thing I want is for the person sitting next to me on the bus to get overly excited. In all seriousness, I was looking for something a little more professional. I’ve posted them here for your enjoyment; perhaps there are others out there who are looking for the same thing. (Click for the full 320×240 resolution images.)

They fit especially well with the Sony Ericsson K790/800 devices. I tried to mimic the brushed metal feel of the front of the phone in these wallpapers. If I might say so, they turned out pretty well. Why the sudden interest in cell phone wallpapers? Oh yeah, I picked up that K790a I’ve been talking about recently and signed a Rogers contract (my life to them for 3 years) this past weekend.

Even better is the fact that I got it for free! Here’s some proof.

There’s hardly anything better than seeing that Amount: 0.00 on a bill. 🙂 You can bet that I’ve been absolutely obsessing over it, taking pictures, installing themes, games and of course creating those wallpapers that you see above. Definitely not working on the final PDEng 25 assignment that looks lengthy and due Tuesday.

(I could be a hand model… :P)


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  1. No, the smart phone is supposed to have even more stuff and be all iChat mobile-esque. In any event, just read about all the (possible) goodies Apple is going to give me!

  2. Well considering the title of the article states “Apple smart phone project rests on Mac OS X tie-ins” and the quote:

    in addition to its more rudimentary iPhone device

    Seems to indicate the iChat mobile or whatever will be the real deal you’re looking for and the iPhone will be some basic calling music device.

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