Something to Look Foward To

All I’ll say for now is that I’m hard at work making/hacking up a new theme for the blogs. I’ve never really liked how the sidebar was setup. At first I thought going for a three column theme would be best, a la Joomla theme that I’d got right now. But I found something much, much better. And way cooler. 🙂 It’s a work in progress and I won’t make it public until I’m closer to completion, but I’ll give you an idea of which direction I’m headed. Think along the lines of WordPress 2.0’s write page, but better. I hate to say it and use the term, but it’ll be full Web 2.0 and AJAX power. 😛

Of course I can’t say I actually did it myself. I’m (once again) hacking something up to look the way I want it. Trust me I tried making my own from scratch. Didn’t even come close to getting it to work to say the least… The wonders of GPL eh?

Unrelated news: I officially ranked 16/124 in my Comp Eng class for the first semester. Not great but not terrible I guess. I’m aiming for at least top 10 next semester. Maybe even crack the top 5-7. It’s an ambitious goal, but quite doable in my opinion. I spent way too much of that last semester catching up. And now that I have, I’m definitely going to push myself to do better. Damn PEI education. (I mean that in the most loving way possible) 🙂

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  1. Wow, this new theme is proving to be way more challenging than I’d like it to be. I’ve got to do my PDEng crap first, but I’ll definitely get it up this weekend if not earlier.

  2. I just took a quick look at the blog and I guess you’ve fixed it already… Otherwise, I’m not sure how you can make it any wider. It’s already at 100%. 😛 If you’re talking about the sidebar, well I had a quick look at the source and I think you’re going to have to look through the CSS tags sidebar or sidebox. Those seem to define how your sidebar looks.

    I see you chose Travelogue. Looks very nice so far! 🙂 Now get to categorizing all your posts. Fun job let me tell you. 😛

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