Something To Be Proud Of

Although there were some disappointments (I’m looking at the men’s hockey team) Canada has been doing awfully well in this Winter Olympics. One prediction was for 25 medals and although we won’t hit that this time around, we’re putting up the strongest showing ever for our country. And today, we nabbed two more medals in speed skating.

2006 Winter Olympics Medal Standings

We’re currently ranked third in the world, with 22 medals, behind Germany and the United States. And of course, Cindy Klassen has been a great help, garnering 5 medals in these Olympics alone.

Hopefully this is just a glimpse of what’s to come in 2010 in Vancouver. 🙂

Update: Wow! Canada’s medal count is up to 24 now with two more silvers in short track speed skating. Speed skating (long and short track) has netted Canada 12 medals in these games.

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