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I’ve been playing more and more Unreal Tournament 2003 recently, really harking back to the days when we’d have serious competitions (nerdy much?). Well, in my attempt to hone my mad shooting skillz, in the game of course, I’ve been playing this little flash game.

Shoot the Dementors

It’s extraordinarily addictive and my highest score so far has been 151.

Nvidia also had a big announcement today with their new G80 video cards and nForce 600 series motherboards. It’s also stuff like this that really make me wish I no longer cared about computers. Every couple months, some new piece of hardware comes out that I feel I need to buy. It’s too addictive and costly. But just look at those performance improvements. Can you imagine what Oblivion could look like?!

NVIDIA’s GeForce 8800 (G80)
Alright, I’m going to go mope in a corner now. I need to save money for those damned cell phone bills coming up… Oh and maybe I’ll set some money aside for university. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea too…

Okay, with that, I think it’s sleep time. I’m really not getting an adequate amount of sleep this week.


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