Some Resolution to Rogers’ Online Billing?

I was on the phone with Rogers a few days ago, attempting to pay my bill, as the online bill payment system was once again not working. After wrapping up the payment, I decided to inquire about the issue with my online payment page. I didn’t have much hope – the problem seems to affect a large number of people and it didn’t look like it was being fixed. I figured the most I could accomplish was to add yet another tick mark on a ‘system not working’ list at Rogers.

So it was with these low expectations that I was transferred to the department. I explained to the customer service agent that I hadn’t been able to pay my bills online for months. She asked me to stay on the line for a minute while she attempted to find the cause of the problem. After a few minutes, the girl told me that I had an old account on their system. It was this account that was causing issues with the bill payment system. I had used Rogers for cable internet during my co-op semester at Bell Mobility in Mississauga. Although I have since deactivated the service, the account was never removed from Rogers’ system.

I’m now happy to report that the online bill payment system (cross my fingers) is working just fine. For those of you frustrated with the same issue I had, see if you have any old, deactivated accounts. They may be the cause of all your bill payment headaches.


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  1. I have had the same issue and am still having it, right at this moment, I have gotten desperate and have changed my user id and password 3 times in order to make a payment which I needed to print the bills so my son can pay his portions back to me ant way as of a few moments ago I still can not pay my bill on line and they can not tell me it is an old account interfering with this account as I have only ever had one account with Rogers.

  2. I called Rogers
    regarding my daughters cell phone bill
    and encountered a person named Mike
    at 23:20 Nov 19
    I repeatedly asked for a Supervisor
    to no avail
    our conversation ended up
    with him hanging up the phone on me…

    after I waited
    40 Min for a rep!!

  3. I have a contract
    which ends in one year
    rest assured
    I will be looking somewhere else
    if this problem is not resolved

    I would like to know what happenes to this
    “midnight” person Mike
    at least some lessons
    in Customer Service

    Our conversation was recorded
    check it out for yourselves

    I would like a direct responce from Rogers

    my previous contact from Rogers was John #1665366
    talk with him

  4. i tried to contact customers svcs on line and tried to send message but repeated requests proved unfruitful because of systems i am discontinuing my on line billing facility.

  5. i try to get on your web site to pay a bill, off coarse i have problems once again.i know when my contract up going to bell they are a little better have no other choice.when i move it took you guys 4 months to get my rogers bill,s sent to my home,after i keep calling and giving my new address and still don,t get the correct address right. and have the customer service argue with my wow !

  6. All I want to do is pay my bill. It seems that there are a few thousand pages to go through for this simple transaction. Every month it is the same frustration. Please provide a easy accessible way of arriving at this page so I don,t have to review and go through every rogers page. This is info overload. ALL I WANT IS TO PAY MY BILL .IS IT THAT DIFFICULT TO PROVIDE THIS SIMPLE TRANSACTION?

  7. I have registered to on line billing and have been unable to sign in for viewing my bill for payment.
    Every time I want to sign in it shows “The account number entered is already associated with another profile”.
    I don’t understand what it means and wish to clarify this in order to be able to view my account and pay it right away.
    Thank you.

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