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I enrolled in what I hope to be first of many business classes at Wilfred Laurier University. Unlike most courses taken over a co-op semester, enrollment in BUS121W, Functional Areas of an Organization, was quite painless. I started filling out a course override form, but after reading this website regarding business courses at WLU, I contacted one of the people responsible for cross-enrollment for the School of Business and Economics at WLU. One email and I was in the class for next semester.

I was initially wary of the cost for a single class – for an engineering student, it happens to be to the tune of around $800. However, a quick tax calculation showed that I’d not be paying anywhere near face value in the end. Since I have two work semesters and only one study semester in 2008, I’ll end up paying a fair amount of taxes. By taking a course in each of my work terms, I become eligible for the part time student tax deduction of something around $150 per month. Plus, taking into account my tuition expenses of ~2x$800 for the two courses, and I’m looking at nearly $3000 in tax deductions. Using a combined federal and provincial tax rate of 21% or so, that works out to ~$630 in tax refunds. I’m almost getting a ‘free’ course if you look at it that way. Spending around $400 for a course is much easier to swallow. Plus, I really want to expand my business and economic knowledge beyond some basic accounting in MSCI261 and economics from ECON102.

I thought this might be interesting for anyone who’s considered taking a course during the work term. I hadn’t thought about it like this before.


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