Some Beef With Apple and More

There’s a few things I’ve read lately that I’ve found interesting/infuriating. Alright, let’s see what’s first up here…

Make KDE look like OS X

Alright, the title sounds legit and if any of you know me, you’ll know I’ve had Windows packs and Linux mods that make those operating systems look somewhat like Mac OS X. I’ll be honest, I find OS X strangely pleasing to look at. It’s a nice looking OS for sure. But it’s articles like that which make me royally pissed off at the whole Apple community. I mean come on, just because they spent like 50% more on their computers to get that SWEET Apple logo on the side/back, they thing they themselves are superior. Just listen to their comments. I especially enjoy this one:

"8. addendum. just had a look at their screenshots. The window buttons are ill-positioned, the menus are hard to read and look ugly (underlined letters, eewww). The Dock shows that the interface is missing an important feature of OS X’s Quartz: it’s not translucent." – david reitter

Oh for shits sake! The LETTERS ARE UNDERLINED!!11! MAy The WORLd eND NOOWWWWW!!!! OHHHH NOOO!!!..1.11?!! I’m sorry, but I was pissed and just reading it again to write this post has made me more angry. If you know what I’m saying, you’re seething right now too. Whoopdeedoo. I can go buy a damn sweet computer (READ: ASUS W2V) and wave it in your face since it’s:

  1. In my opinion as good looking, if not better looking than a PowerBook
  2. More powerful
  3. No more expensive than a 17" PB

I don’t know. Maybe I haven’t experienced ‘Apple’ but these guys have been brainwashed to the max. Next.


Now this is a cool little site. You may remember me talking about something called Ajax back a little while ago. Well, this is probably the epitome of Ajax technology in that one page. Everything is extremely customizable and once the page is loaded for the first time, everything is just about instantaneous. That’s the beauty of it all. I’ve customized my page a while ago now with the news feeds I read regularly. They’re looking to add a lot more features to it in the near future such as photo uploads and email checking. I’ve already got the page set as my default homepage. Take a look if you’re interested in my daily readings:

My customized Protopage

Do check it out if you’re at all interested in aggregating and making your internet surfing a little more efficient. You see, I’ve got some of your blogs’ feeds there too! It’s all kind of like Microsoft’s Live and Google IG, but better, with less restrictions on what you can do. Amazingly, this whole thing is run by two chaps in the UK. I found out all about the site and idea behind it in a podcast over at This Week In Tech. Their site isn’t working right now, but I’ll update this post later on with the link to it for those interested.

I was going to write about an article about Google’s hectic 2005 year, but I think I’ll save that for a post of its own, possibly tomorrow if I have some time. But I’m off to bed and a little bit of Dune reading for now. Nightynight. 


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  1. Wow, that pisses me off too. Clearly that Macfanatic has never used Windows for more than a few moments at a time. If he had any clear indication of how to operate Windows than he would know that there’s a switch that can hide most of the underlined letters unless you press the ALT key. Ugh. Sometimes peoples stupidity annoys me.

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