Well, here’s my regular update and well, I haven’t really done too much recently. Nothing for me to talk about really to make my life sound oh so interesting for you people out there. There are a few things of note though… Makes me feel like I’m not living in a hole completely.

We got more wood to build the second shelf, this one going down to our basement. We’ve improved the design somewhat. I also had a quick glance through a patio book and damn, there are some impressive designs. I’d love to try my hand at it, but I’m afraid I have neither the tools or (more importantly) the skills to accomplish such a feat.

I also received a few letters from politicians (Patt Bins, Joe Ghiz, etc) recently congratulating me on my graduation. Seems somewhat odd that they do that. Perhaps it’s cause I received the GG medal or maybe they just do that for everyone. I dunno. Kinda weird nonetheless.

And uhh, we finally got our phone lines installed. Yeah, just two days ago actually. Bell workers here have been on strike for the past 8 weeks and they recently got back to work. So I have a phone. Who am I going to call though… We still haven’t gotten our long distance thing switched to the new number yet.

Views of this blog are increasing. I had 20% of the entire amount of views in the past 10 days. That’s compared with the remaining 80% I received over the course of May, June and July combined. Woohoo… I guess people are finding what I write interesting. Either that or they have nothing better to do than just sit around and refresh their web browser. I’d prefer to think the first actually.

Read a little about the upcoming frosh week at Waterloo. I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to it that much. It’ll be awesome meeting new people and making some friends, but the events look… well.. interesting. Engineering students there are known for their craziness and the lineup they’ve got there will definitely be dignity breakers. But what the hell, I’m always up for an ego downsizing.

Yeah, so that’s about it for now. Pretty boring I know, but I’m not gonna fabricate stuff out of thin air. You pays your monies and you takes your chances as Mr. Holton would say. Wha? Huh? What’s that phrase got to do with anything I wrote you say? Not sure. Just though I’d stick it in there for S and Gs….

And oh yeah. George Bush said the use of military force is a possibility against Iran if they don’t cease their reported nuclear development (again). So what else is new…


5 Replies to “So…”

  1. I got those letters too. I kept the Joe Ghiz one and shredded the Pat Binns one, muahaha.

    And Sorry to burt your bubble, but in the past week I’ve accessed your site from 6 different computers at work and the entire time I just sit there refreshing the browser hoping you’ll have updated or commented or something. And yes, work is boring incase you wanted to know.

  2. US/UK? Hot damn, you’re becoming a global obsession!

    I work at Resolve, a readers digest call centre. It’s super shitty, don’t ever work at one.

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