So Quiet It’s Creepy

Well, we’re deep in the middle of reading week and I think I’m the only person left in the basement here. On the plus side, it’s awfully quiet for once. I can finally get to sleep at a decent hour! 🙂 On the other hand, it’s kind of weird to be honest…

I consciously noticed today how much influence the sun has on my mood. A great big one. I’m definitely way more upbeat when the sun’s out and just the feel of it on my face is really nice. It’s been such a dull, drab winter here, I think I’m forgetting what the sunshine is like.

I finally got a Ta-da List over at 37Signals. I’m currently just using it for ideas I have for the blog and stuff. It’s nice to be able to jot down something that comes to mind before it slips away. Today, I thought of something to write about on the bus ride up to work and by the time I got to the office, I had already forgotten. Yeah, sometimes my attention span is just that short. Then again, I spent like a solid three hours trying to get the Livesearch working over in the workshop blog. Well, I failed miserably and I’m totally dead after that, so I’m off to bed. I haven’t gotten to bed this early in quite a long while.

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