So Mad That I Forgot

Well, as you know, my anger and frustration yesterday really took its toll. In fact, I had something else in mind to write about totally, but that one really hit its mark and I just wasn’t in the mood to write anything else of substance. So…

Yesterday, I started work on one of the more interesting projects I’ve had so far at my co-op job. Since I’m not really allowed to say too much, I’ll just say it actually involved putting my programming skills to the test. It’s one thing to learn syntax and write pre-defined assignments that have little to no application in the real world. It’s totally a different way of thinking when you’re writing code to actually do something, to make something easier or faster. In any case, I’m finding it a nice refresh of my programming skills (which are still quite weak). There is one thing I must commend the programming class for providing me however; the understanding of programming. So while I’ve only learned C# so far, I can apply the knowledge of programming in general to many of the more common languages out there. For example, I’m reading through the PHP book with a good amount of ease. I’m using a version of BASIC at work (and it is pretty basic to be honest;) ) and the programming for that isn’t bad at all. I’d say I’ve come pretty far in about half a year eh?

We got blasted by a pretty big storm here in Waterloo. Even as I type this, I’m listening to the rumblings of thunder outside my window. It started off this morning with 10-15cm of snow. Then we got some really heavy rain, mixed with sleet and freezing rain. Now there’s a thunderstorm. The roads were absolutely terrible. My bus was late by 15 minutes this morning and caused me to miss my connection. A lot of people had their travels messed up by the road conditions. The schools were all closed, including the two universities here as well. Of course, I had the ‘privilege’ of working through it all.

Speaking of ‘privileges’, I got the opportunity to waste a good hour and half of my life this evening working on the stupid PDEng course. Once again, it was all about writing crap that is 99% common sense. I mean I’m not making stuff up or anything, but I’m embellishing it to make it sound less trivial. I mean stuff like, ‘Describe a time when you used compromise’ isn’t very conducive to deep, insightful responses. So every little fact gets expanded until it can’t be expanded anymore. So if any of you are in my responses, well, I’ve probably dissected your actions to the point where they become meaningless in the overall scheme of things. But that’s okay. It’s a pass or fail in that class. All I need is that pass and I’ll be happy.

Ok, I do have to admit, there are a few things from that course which have actually helped me. For example, I did a conflict management style analysis today. It’s a lot like those, what is your personality type quizzes where you choose the best of two answers for each question. Anyways, I found out I’m more of a collaborator than anything else, with compromising following a bit behind. I was surprised competitiveness ranked relatively low in my list. With all the competitions (in and outside of school) I’ve been through I expected that to rank higher than it did. Maybe I’m tired of it.

Okay, wrap up, since I’m relatively uncreative, I’ve taken the idea from Rushan’s, Nick’s and Reese’s blogs. There’s this Johari Window gimmick and it tells me what you think of me. Give your honest opinion. I’ve already given myself an honest opinion. Let’s see what you think. Go here if you’re interested.

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  1. The Johari Window is a little one sided don’t you think? (seeing as most of the things you can select are positive… what if you really are , and I’m not saying this about you, a jerk?)

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