So, I’ve Been A Little Busy

Yeah, I think short of the time in June when I was on dial-up, I haven’t had such a long period of time without posting something on my blog. I can’t believe how much action has filled these past few days and the next few don’t show any let up in the activity. The only reason I’m probably even writing this is cause I finished up my english proficiency exam (a short essay) and we’ve got some free time. It’s actually the first time in a really long while that I’ve got nothing (or at least less) to do. So what’s been happening?

Well, let me tell you, if the people and the week in general are any sign of what’s to come, Waterloo’s definitely not the dull, boring school you may have thought it to be. The guys here (my dorm is almost all engineering, also the biggest faculty in the school) are really cool. They’re not all big nobs/nerds like what you may have imagined. They’re far from the lock-myself-in-my-room-talk-to-nobody-and-do-work people. I’ve met many of the people in our dorm and am becoming pretty good friends with a few of them. We’ve done many of the activities together.

Now let me confess. Back at the Gray, I never knew any of the punky guys at all and I avoided the asshole-looking people. Probably the people I know best here would fall into one of those two groups. Especially this one guy from the States. On our first day, we had a dorm meeting and this guy was loud and obnoxious. I made a mental note to avoid him. He looked and sounded like a jerk. But I’ve gotten to know him quite a lot better now and I’m glad I didn’t act on my prejudice. He’s in fact a very cool guy, very nice and not at all an asshole. It just goes to show that we need to look beyond skin deep appearances. Many of our first observations about people are just that, first observations. We need to explore and see what they’re really all about.

So, what have we been up to? Yelling/chanting/screaming at the top of our lungs for most of the week. My voice is already pretty raspy and I’m one of the better ones. Some have totally lost their voices now. We’ve had competitions against other groups in the engineering department and some of them have been absolutely disgusting/awesome. What am I talking about? We’ve been running around stealing other groups’ mascotts, spray painting them and basically making them look bad. We’ve had competitions where we pack as many people as we can into a car. We had 32 people fit in one car. Think about that. Thirty-two! We had our own little junkyard war where we constructed poles for popping ballons way up in the air and catapults. We’ve had games of capture the flag with like 200 people. We’ve had two dances now which are pretty insane. You thought the dances at Colonel Gray were bad? Heh, well don’t come here then. In fact, it’s almost supported. The staff and the bar and the team leaders joined in on the dancing which was pretty cool.

The food here has also been surprising good and cheap at that too. I’ve been eating relatively healthy with the milk and fruits pretty regularly in my meals. I don’t think I’ve eaten anything fried yet. I came here expecting a load of crappy food that would barely fill you, but I’m glad to say I’m pleasantly surprised.

And who said there were no women here? While there are definitely more guys in the engineering department than gals, there are still quite the number of hotties. As well, the arts department has a buttload of them. I can scarcely walk down the street here without gawking left and right. The guys I’ve been hanging out with along with me have shown practically no fear in just looking at them, pointing at them and generally being very less than subtle. They’ve even promised to show me the ways with hooking up with random girls. You know, the Mike pickup lines and stuff, except these actually work. I’ve seen them firsthand, let’s just say. These guys are definitely well trained in the art of picking up. Heh, we’ll see where that gets me I guess.

And to top everything all off, this week’s weather has been awesome. Every day has been sunny and really warm. I’ve gotten sunburned basically everyday this week, along with most people. I think I’m several shades darker already. I can’t believe how lucky we are that there’s been no rain to mess up events, although at points I so hot and sweaty, I would’ve loved for someone to have poured a bucket of water on me.

The worst part? Well, in another few days, frosh week’ll be over and we’ll actually have to do real work. Oh jeez, I wonder what that’ll be like. If we’re always up to the hours we’ve been up to this week, it’s gonna be tough. I can feel myself getting pretty tired throughout the day and they go on for so long. I had better get used to it!


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  1. `You know, the Mike pickup lines and stuff, except these actually work’.

    ooooooooooooo. BURN. haha. Man it sounds like a blast Chuck. I miss you like crazy, I can´t wait to get MSN so we can talk. BTW – of course all the hotties are in the arts department – IT`S THE ARTS!!:)
    Catapult something for me, talk to you later


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