Sick Again

It seems like I’ve been sick way too much lately. Before these last two sick periods which have been quite close together (well, relative to how much I used to get sick) I hadn’t been sick in a long, long while. They’ve both happened while I’ve been away from home. Maybe I’m not taking care of myself as well as when I had my parents watching over me just about every single day.

In any case, I’m sick again, but I think it’s been getting better. The worst was yesterday. And being sick isn’t the worst thing in the world usually, but I had an extra scare. You see I’m paranoid and I was afraid I had mono or something like that. A person who worked with me in the QA team went out sick with mono about 2 weeks ago. No, I have not kissed him or anything of the like, but maybe he coughed or something. Or maybe the glasses that are washed every night at the company didn’t completely sanitize it. There could be a multitude of things and the relatively close proximity of the two sicknesses really scared me as I lay I bed, fretting.

My mom was very worried when I told her I was sick since she knew about the guy with mono. Of course, being a parent, she (semi-)freaked out and wanted me to come home immediately. I tried to calm her as much as I could, telling her (truthfully) that I’ve been getting better. But in reality, I was just as worried for a time. I’ve been drinking an unbelievable amount of water over the past two days. I was worried for my own sake. What can I say? But I honestly do think I’m getting better. The sore throat’s gone and the burning sensation behind the eyes are gone. I’m just a little stuffed up now. I’m going to get to bed pronto here so I’ll get a solid night’s sleep too. Despite all this, I’ll be heading home, once again this weekend. And to be honest, I’m glad for it. It’s always nice to have someone care for you under these circumstances.


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  1. “It’s always nice to have someone care for you under these circumstances.”

    Oh you don’t know the truth in that. You really realize that when you are thousands of miles from anyone that truly cares!

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